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About Us

Beckett Mireault Hickerson, lovingly known as “Little Bee”, was born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and a rare genetic condition, Curarino's syndrome. He’s since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Faced with enough challenges for a lifetime in only his first few months of life, Beckett’s journey is one of unwavering determination and boundless spirit.

Beckett’s mom documents his progress, challenges, triumphs, and the feelings that go along with it all on her blog, where you can learn more about Little Bee and his journey: Little Bee and Me.

Little Bee Gallery is more than just a place to admire art; it's a mission-driven space. Our artists channel their creativity into tangible support through donating their time and art for the benefit of Beckett and his family. The profits from every purchase from our gallery go directly to his ongoing therapy, specialized care, and future needs

His journey is the heartbeat of this gallery, driving and inspiring every piece you see.

Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey. Your support not only brings art into your life but also makes a tangible difference in Beckett's. 

Our vision is to contribute to a brighter future for Little Bee. With your participation, we can create a world of compassion and endless possibilities for this remarkable little boy.

About Suzanne

I am Beckett's great aunt, embarking on an inspiring journey here art meets purpose. Each stroke of acrylic paint on canvas now carries profound meaning for me. Together with my niece Mel, we have founded the Little Bee Gallery with the hope of making a lasting impact on Beckett's life.

As an abstract landscape artist, I find my inspiration in the natural wonders that surround me. Whether I am on the stunning shores of Lake Winnipeg in the summer or the serene Gulf waters of Florida in the winter, the simple act of opening my eyes ignites my creativity. The captivating water, interplay of light, ever-changing clouds, lush trees, and golden sand effortlessly fuel my artistic vision. 

It is a profound honour for me to donate my artworks to support Little Bee's journey. We invite you to explore our gallery in the hope that you will find something that resonates with you and finds a place in your home. Together, we are creating opportunities. Your support will empower Little Bee to access the resources he needs to thrive and achieve his full potential. For this, I am deeply grateful.

- Suzanne

About Mel

I'm Beckett's aunt (“Aunty Mommy” to those in the know, since Little Bee is my identical sister’s son) and the creator behind some of the modern abstract acrylic and mixed media pieces you see here. 

Through the lens of abstract art, I aim to capture the essence of hope, resilience, and beauty. Every creation is infused with love and purpose, echoing Beckett's spirit of perseverance and joy. He is the inspiration for my art you can find here. Each stroke of color and texture is not just an expression of creativity but also a reflection of his journey.

- Melanie

You can find some of Mel’s past work here.

Friends of Little Bee 

From time to time we may feature available artwork from other artists who want to be a part of Little Bee Gallery's mission. You can find more about the Friends of Little Bee here.